Another Great Anniversary

I had the best day yesterday; my boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary together. Last year we had just moved into a new home in a new country so the celebrations got lost amongst the chaos. So this year we decided to do something special.

We had a spending limit on presents, which is always ignored but it is at least a guideline, we are going to Canada on vacation later this year and that is taking all of our spare cash! Regardless I was so happy with my presents. As you may have gathered I love cooking but this love is sometimes hindered by my kitchenware, my collection of gadgets and dishes has definitely increased recently but it still needs some work. I am happy to announce my latest additions as a beautiful apron, I might be a good cook, but I am a messy one, and a cupcake cake stand which has encouraged me to adapt my chocolate cake recipe into cupcakes.

My Anniversary Presents

We both unfortunately had to work that day and the next so the celebrations could not be anything too exciting, so we decided to go for a curry at our favourite Pakistani restaurant ‘Sadhu’. The food is delicious and they have a great selection of curry dishes and side orders. The service is always great and the staff are really helpful, we have eaten there a shameful number of times but would always go back.

I had a great day and cannot wait to spend the next one doing something even more exciting together!


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