White Chocolate Cheesecake Cups

Late last night my boyfriend got called into work which left me to my own devices, which is not always a good thing but last night it was!

I decided to make a treat so that hopefully we would get to relax together for at least part of the weekend.  As my cheesecake was such a hit at our dinner party last weekend I wanted to make it again but as our friends are away in the UK this weekend it did not seem worth making a large cheesecake for the 2 of us. So this weekend I have been inventive and have made White Chocolate Cheesecake Cups, mini cheesecakes for us to enjoy. They are a great idea if you do not have the right equipment to make the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake that I shared with you before or if you are looking for small individual treats to enjoy.

This is how I made them;


  • 100g of Chocolate Digestives
  • 20g of Butter
  • 200g of Cream Cheese
  • 1 heaped tbsp of Icing Sugar
  • 200g of White Chocolate


  1. Ground the chocolate digestives until fine
  2. Melt the butter and allow to cool slightly
  3. Mix the butter and ground biscuits into a bowl and squeeze together with the back of a wooden spoon
  4. Tip into 4 individual cups or dishes
  5. Push down gently in a flat even surface, do not compact it too tightly as it will be hard to eat
  6. Mix the cream cheese and icing sugar together gently (this does not take long)
  7. Melt 100g of the white chocolate in a glass bowl
  8. Add the cream cheese dollop by dollop into the chocolate, continually stirring until you get an evenly coloured mixture
  9. Poor on top of the biscuit base then smooth and flatten
  10. Chill for 1 hour
  11. When it has cooled melt 75g of the white chocolate in a glass bowl
  12. Pour on top of the cheesecake and move the tin around to spread the topping evenly
  13. Chill until the chocolate topping is set
  14. Before serving grate the remaining 25g of white chocolate and sprinkle evenly over the top
My White Chocolate Cheesecake Cups

As you can see they look really great and they taste delicious too, once you have this cheesecake recipe you can adapt it and enjoy how you like. I think this may be the last time I will be making them for a while after calculating the calorie content as the ‘diet starts on Monday’.


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