How to make your own Mild Curry Spice…

For Christmas I was given a ‘Home-made Curry Kit’ it came with a great recipe, some measuring spoons and a pre-made curry spice mix. I had never made my own curry before, I had just used jars of curry sauce from the supermarkets, and I could not believe how delicious it was. Unfortunately the mix provided only made 5 curries and did not give the specific ingredients of the spice on the packet, so since it has run out I have been on a quest to find the right spices to make my own curry mix. It has taken a few attempts and some experimentation but it was worth it, as now I have the recipe to always make the perfect curry.

Here is my mix of spices (enough for 2 curries);

4tsp of Cumin

4tsp of Coriander

1tsp of Ginger

2tsp of Tumeric

2tsp of Paprika

2tsp of Garlic Powder

1/2tsp – 2tsp of Chilli Powder depending on preferred taste.

My Curry Spice Mix

I bought some airtight jars so I can make it up and keep the other half for the next time! It is great to have in the spice rack for a quick and delicious dinner.

Please let me know if you use this recipe and how it tastes!


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