Visitors in Berlin

This week my boyfriend and I had some of his family staying with us. His cousin and his auntie live in Mexico so it was great for them to detour to Berlin whilst visiting family in the UK. They picked a great week to come as the weather has been lovely in Berlin and it was nice to take some days off of work and enjoy the wonders of Berlin.

This week for the first time we went on a walking tour of Berlin, it was a free tour lead by David from NEW Berlin, and it was just great, he was both informative and interesting and taught me some things that I did not know even after living here for over a year. The tour really is free and there is no catch so if you are ever visiting Berlin I highly suggest you go on one of these.

Later that afternoon, after some lunch in one of the many delicious bakeries in the centre of the city we went to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. I am so disappointed to report to you that this museum was awful, I have wanted to go since I first visited Berlin 2 years ago but I certainly will not be going again or recommending it to anyone who visits. It was overpriced in comparison to other museums in Berlin and was far too cluttered and disorganised, the exhibitions had no flow and I felt that many of them were irrelevant to the focus of the museum. I cam away from there very dissapointed!

The Famous Sign at Checkpoint Charlie

After the museum we went for dinner at Casa Italia on Unter den Linden, the weather was lovely so we sat outside with a lovely view of the Brandenberg Gate in the evening sun. The pizza was delicious and reasonably priced and their home-made ice cream for dessert was just to die for!

My Banana and Chocolate Ice Cream from Casa Italia

From here we made the short walk to the Reichstag and went up to the dome to look around and watch the sunset. This was the fourth time that I have made this visit and it still does not bore me, the views from the top are breathtaking and the mini exhibit displaying the history of the building is really interesting and just the right length. Again, if you are ever in Berlin this visit is free and highly recommended.

It was great to have visitors and sometimes it is  fun to explore Berlin as a tourist rather than as a resident, now it is our turn to plan our trip to Mexico!


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