Only in Berlin…

I love living in Berlin, but there are certainly some ‘quirky’ aspects of the culture here you have to get used, especially when you have never lived in a big city before, especially a big city in Germany. This week I have seen some things around the city that you would see Only in Berlin that have compelled me to take pictures as I have found them both shocking and amusing so I am sharing them with you.

Only in Berlin would you see…

Sexergy Energy Drink

An energy drink marketed towards giving you and extra boost when taking part in sexual activities!

Only in Berlin would you see…

Negro Chocolate Biscuits

Politically incorrect biscuits, and the man selling these in his shop looked at me like I was the weird one!

Taking these ‘Only in Berlin’ pictures this week has been highly amusing, for myself if no one else, so I will continue to share them with you!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. HA!
    Certainly not in the United States……………

    1. It all definitely adds to the unique-ness that is Berlin!

  2. wife ic says:

    Your biscuit picture reminds me of the very specific section in the music department at our local Media Markt in Emden. They don’t have a R&B section or Rap or Hip Hop it is just called “Black Music”. Which I find so offensive that I cringe at writing it, I don’t know if they are more racist on the west coast. Does Berlin have finer nuances for musical genres?

    1. I am not a massive music buff and I rarely buy CD’s so I could not say if this is the case here! Political Correctness is just not the same as in the UK

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