Food from Vancouver

It has been so long since I posted, too long in fact, but I am back now after the most amazing holiday in Vancouver.  Unfortunately since I got back not much exciting cooking has been going on, so I thought I would post a little of what we enjoyed about the Food from Vancouver. In no particular Order, here are a few of my favourites:

First up, a bagel at Tim Hortons was already on my to do list before we left, after being recommended (more like told) to go there and try their bagels, I had cream cheese and it was well worth the visit!

Bagels at Tim Hortons

We also had dinner at a restaurant called Whitespot – which was again something we were told to do – and it was so good, although famous for its monstrous burgers I opted for a mango and tomato curry, the recipe for which I will be investigating.

Mango Curry at Whitespot

Getting to eat the Canadian version of Nandos was actually disappointing, I miss Nandos living here in Germany so I was really excited to get to have it whilst we were in Vancouver, however it is not the same although we still had a lovely meal and evening.

Trying the Canadian Nandos

I was so thrilled to get to eat a hotdog on our visit to the Aquarium, I really do not like Pork but all of the sausages were beef, however as you can tell I am not accustomed to eating hotdogs and did not really know where to start.

A Messy Hotdog at the Aquarium

Another Canadian restaurant on our to do list was the Old Spaghetti Factory, where upon arrival, after getting a table (it is always packed), you are greeted with unlimited fizzy drinks and freshly baked bread with garlic butter. We actually went twice as the food was so good and great value for money, there was also so much choice available that there is always something new to try, as long as you like spaghetti of course!

Unlimited Freshly Baked Bread at the Old Spaghetti Factory

So the last cooked meal on the list was pancakes for brunch, this was on the last day of the trip when we suddenly realised that we had not yet had pancakes with Maple Syrup. So our hotel kindly pointed us in the direction of an old school dinner which had great pancakes. Great pancakes they were, but huge and filling, I am ashamed to say I only got half way through before calling it quits!

Giant Pancakes They Were

As well as the restaurants that we enjoyed there were endless amounts of coffee shops to enjoy. We regularly stopped for a drink which usually ended up being accompanied by a cake, I had a great brownie at Starbucks,

Enjoying a Brownie in Starbucks

and a delicious (not as good as mine) piece of home-made Banana Bread from a stall in Stanley Park.

Home-Made Banana Bread

I also couldn’t resist the constant purchase of fruit smoothies, the best one I had in Waves Coffee Shop in Chinatown, made with banana, strawberry and yoghurt!

Fruit Smoothie in Waves Coffee Shop, Chinatown

Vancouver Aquarium was also the place where I was able to try Salt-water Taffy for the first time (after a particular Friends episode made me want too) and it was yummy, however sticky and messy and not really that gracious to eat in a public place.

Sticky Salt-water Taffy

And finally no summer holiday would be complete without Ice-cream! It is however, not often that you get to enjoy an ice-cream in the beautiful surrounding of Lynn Canyon, in North Vancouver, and after an afternoon of hiking this ice-cream was truly deserved.

A Well Deserved Ice-cream in Lynn Canyon

I had the best time on my trip and it was great to experience Food from Vancouver but a small, only small, part of me is happy to be back and once again have access to a kitchen and get back to baking!


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  1. You had fun! Did you really like Tim Horton’s bagels though, or are you being kind to the Canadian Tim’s lovers? I eat them when I have no choice.

    1. They were good! I probably wouldn’t eat there all the time, but for a quick cheap snack it was good 🙂

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