My New Food Mixer

Recently, due to a benefit of my job I have finally acquired a New Food Mixer as I have wanted for so long,I am so happy and I have loved baking with it. The first perk is that it is Red to go with my kitchen, small to most, highly important to someone like me, it is a lovely berry red as you can see below;

My New Food Mixer
My New Food Mixer

It is just a basic food mixer and this is reflected in its price as it is really reasonable, especially in comparison to its most famous counterpart the Kitchen Aid Food Mixer (I will be able to afford it one day) but in the meantime this is more than enough. It comes with a variable speed setting and 3 different hooks, a whisk, folder and a dough hook so really it does exactly what every baker would need it to do. I was very impressed at the speed in which it beat egg whites fluffy, a task I will not miss doing by hand. I did however, make it over heat by beating the eggs whites on full speed for 10 minutes, something I later read (when I read) in the user manual you are not supposed to do! You can keep it on a high speed for a long time with no issues though. I personally would not recommend using this as an alternative to kneading bread dough, but I have another hand held whisk which also failed to do the task as efficiently as I could myself, it appears there are some things that a baker still has to do the old fashion way to get it right!

If you want one you can buy it from Hifi-Tower, who are a market leader in innovative consumer electronics with over 70,000 items in stock all sold at very competitive prices. Their top selling products include DJ and PA equipment,Car Multimedia, Home Cinema Surround Sound, Digital Cameras and Lifestyle products and are continually adding to their range. If you want to find out more about Hifi-Tower follow them on Twitter and if you want to know more about My New Food Mixer, just ask!


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  1. Very nice! I love red too, but I’m not a huge fan of baking. Maybe that would change if I had a cool red mixer in my kitchen?

    1. This food mixer definitely makes baking more fun! Although it makes it quicker so I don’t spend as long which makes me sad!!

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