Family and the City

This weekend I was so happy to have my Dad and little sister visiting me here in Berlin. It also meant I got to show off some of my baking skills I have acquired over the past year too!

I secretly enjoy getting to act the tourist and doing things you just should not do as a resident! Our weekend started with my favourite thing to do as a tourist, snoop around KaDeWe, Berlin’s equivalent to Harrods. It is just too exciting for me and I can never resist buying too much stuff from the food court, they just have the best marzipan in town! From here we ventured along the oh so touristy, Ku’Damm which involved a little bit of shopping and multiple coffee breaks, including our trip to the Ampelman Cafe, a spin off brand of the traditional crossing signals in East Berlin.


Ampelman Cafe
Ampelman Cafe

We finished our first day in our favourite pizza spot too!

The second day we decided to take in some cultural history and visited the outdoor Mauer museum, an existing piece of the Berlin wall with a viewing tower that allows you to view it from above. Whenever I visit these types of places it makes it feel so strange to live in such a welcoming and diverse city that just a short time ago was quite the opposite. This outdoor museum is free and is a must should you visit Berlin.


Berlin Mauer
Berlin Mauer

As the trend of eating too much food continued we finished our day in Sixties, an American Fifties diner in the centre of Berlin. That’s right sixties the fifties diner…. but regardless they have nice food at a reasonable price, I would recommend the Banana Split for dessert!


Sixties American Diner
Sixties American Diner

On Sunday we visit the Olympic Stadium famous for the 1936 Olympics that were held amongst a Nazi Germany on the brink of war. The stadium is breath taking and again this venue is filled with history and a culture. Reasonable priced at 7 Euros another must see if you are visiting the city. By the way we finished this day at our favourite steak house with our 2 best friends here in Berlin.

On their last day in town, as the weather finally decided to cooperate and to rest our legs, we decided to do a boat tour along the Spree. I have done this before but it is great for guests who want to get a feel for the city and it provides the best view of the government quarter available!


Me Enjoying Our Boat Trip
Me Enjoying Our Boat Trip

Our day was finished with a home cooked roast dinner and apple crumble where I of course got to once again show off my culinary skills!


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  1. I’m curious: what’s your favorite pizza spot in town? I’m completely in love with Masaniello, close to Hermannplatz, but I haven’t actually experimented so much

    1. If we go for pizza it is always Piyzz Dach for us!

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