Camping at Ostsee

Now the summer has truly arrived in Berlin we have been getting out and seeing more of the city and of the country. This weekends adventure took us camping g at Ostsee, better known as the Baltic Sea. I am not a huge fan of camping generally, I like to have all of my home comforts, but I am sure that even I could handle it for one night! So my fiance, 2 of our closest friends and I headed to Zinnowitz for our camping adventure, armed with our brand new matching tents we set up camp.

Setting up Camp
Setting up Camp

After arriving we headed straight to the beach and into the sea, I grew up in Bournemouth and although I love Berlin the one thing I truly miss is going in the ocean. The afternoon was beautiful and sunny and sea so warm that we made the most of it into the evening.

The Ostsee Coastline
The Ostsee Coastline

Then we headed back to camp to start the BBQ, luckily we did not ‘rough it# for this part and had all my favourite treats for the grill, including Halloumi with Pepper, Steak and this wonderful party loaf. This loaf is definitely something that I want to try and make at home, a pull apart loaf with different delicious toppings and the perfect accompaniment to a BBQ.

Party Loaf
Party Loaf

So concluded our first day and this is where I discovered the part of me that does not like camping and will be buying an air mattress for my next trip as I could not comfortably sleep on the ground! This, however, did not dampen my spirits for the next day! After packing up we headed further down the coast towards Poland, stopping off in a little town for a German bakery breakfast and a stroll along the pier followed by some more time on the beach.

The Pier
The Pier

Before heading home we decided to pop across the border into Poland to visit the markets and to enjoy some Pirogi’s! I had the best weekend even if it has made me miss the beach even more than I did anyway and for anyone who says Berlin has loads of lakes, please note that THIS IS NOT THE SAME!

But to anyone who wants to travel around Europe or is looking for an alternative beach holiday destination I can so highly recommend the Baltic Sea to you. It is simply beautiful and if you love the outdoors you will not be bored here!


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  1. Federico says:

    I’m completely with you! The lake experience has nothing to do with the see one: people should just stop putting up this objection ’cause it just doesn’t stand up. Funny enough, the german word for lake is See 😉

    1. They try to fool us but it does not work! Although in this heat even the lake is appealing!

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