Summer Visitors in Berlin

I love Berlin in the summer, especially when it is hot and the weekend! This year it appears that Autumn has come early to Berlin but not before we had a few more visitors come to stay with us. The longer you live in a place the more I think you take it for granted and forget to enjoy the things that make you love it. When we have friends and family come to stay it is the perfect excuse to do those things all over again. I have not shared much about living in Berlin recently so here is a little bit about our Summer Visitors in Berlin:

First of all my mum came to stay;

Mum and I at Brandenberger Tor
Mum and I at Brandenburger Tor

Then later in the month, David’s cousin Jess also came to visit during her Summer is Europe;

David and Jess by the Spree
David and Jess by the Spree

The best thing about having guests is that you get to do things, that once you have lived here for a while, you no longer do! Sometimes just being a tourist is OK and makes you see the city that you walk through everyday look a little different.

2 of my favourite things to do are:

The first is Ku’Damm – starting at Wittenbergplatz you can visit the KaDeWe (high-end department store) and then walk along the shopping street of Ku’Damm, of course stopping for a cake or ice cream along the way.

Secondly is to walk from Friedrichstr station along the Spree to the Reichstag then following the old path of the wall past Brandenburger Tor, the Jewish Memorial and finishing at Potsdamer Platz.

Luckily both of these things include lots of tourist spots and are definitely part of my tourist guide to Berlin!


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