Introducing Spreadshirt

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Spreadshirt, a company specialising in custom clothing and items, and was offered to try an item from their site.

So Introducing Spreadshirt… After having a look online and being attracted to their clothing items I decided on a very audience appropriate apron. In reality this was quite an easy decision as I have always kind of wanted my own AllAboutChantelle apron but always thought that the designing and printing process would be far too complicated for a one off. I would possibly, in the future like to create my own brand of AllAboutChantelle baking supplies but for now, I am aware I am the only one that wants this!


Now, for me, this is really where Spreadshirt comes in, I could get exactly what I wanted online in like 10 minutes, perfect right? In honesty I was a little disappointed that you cannot print an image onto the apron as I wanted my exact logo, however there was a great choice of texts and colours so I was able to almost imitate my logo exactly without an image. However, should you have a more picture based logo this would not be possible for you onto the aprons. You could still have an image on a tank or a t shirt. After receiving my apron, I assume this must be down to the fabric quality as it is really thick and it feels like a restaurant kitchen quality apron.

Going back to the ordering process, navigating the site is really easy and it is very user friendly, providing instructions every step of the way. You start by choosing the product, then colour before you are able to then customise it as you choose with an image, text or by choosing a pre-designed options (which I love and will probably be ordering soon). You can move it around and adjust the design as you choose with a size guide at the bottom of the page assisting with the placement, I found this helpful for aligning the text with my boobs! Once you are happy with your design you proceed to the checkout, there are a few delivery options dependent on how quickly you want the item or if you are buying a few things at a time.

The delivery was really prompt and was with me in 3 business days, which is very important as I really hate waiting, it arrived looking lovely too, I do like nice packaging!

Lovely Arrival from Spreadshirt
Lovely Arrival from Spreadshirt

As I previously said, I was really pleased with the apron when it arrived, it felt like it was made of a high quality material and the printing on the design was really crisp and clear. Here you can see me proudly displaying my new personalised apron:

Wearing my new Spreadshirt Personalised Apron
Wearing my new Spreadshirt Personalised Apron

I am loving using my new apron and was really impressed after using Spreadshirt’s online designer and can see a few Christmas presents being ordered later in the year I think!

What do you think of my apron? Would you like to create your own blog related products? Let me know!

And just incase you do, Spreadshirt have an American and European sites so you can order from them wherever you are!


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