My First Wedding Anniversary

I will be a little quiet on the blog front over the next 2 weeks or so as I am on vacation! Starting with a trip with my husband, on which we will celebrate our first wedding anniversary, followed by the visit of some friends to Berlin. I thought I would take a moment on My First Wedding Anniversary to share a few of my favourite memories of my wedding day with you one year on!

Our flower girl being the entertainment whilst we got ready!

Flower Girl

My bridesmaid doing up my bracelet, my Nana’s who passed away a year before the wedding


Marrying a man who looks at you like this when your back is turned (swoon)


Our first kiss as man and wife


This moment between my new Husband and my Grandad


The boys posing with our bouquets


Playing football with our bridal party, it made for great pictures and it was great to relax away from the wedding when everything is so overwhelming


My favourite shot from the day that our Photographer captured


Our beautiful reception venue, Merley House


My best friend giving my father of the bride speech, I do not know what I would have done without him by my side throughout my life, he made me laugh, he made me cry but most of all he made me feel the love of a protector as every bride should on their big day


My Grandad accepting his Gluten-free birthday cake and trying to steal the show, I lost both of my grandmas in the year before our wedding so I was happy I could make the day special for him too


Cutting our wedding cake, which had 3 tiers of Chocolate, Lemon and Carrot cake!


Our first dance in front of all of our friends and family


I hope you have enjoyed looking back at our wedding photos on My First Wedding Anniversary as much as I do daily.

To my husband, I love you, our first year of marriage did not go as planned but what that taught me was that I picked the perfect man to have by my side through the bad times and the good, through sickness and in health. Every word of my vows I will promise to you daily, today, tomorrow and always.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. emyraileanu says:

    Congratulations and a happy life!

  2. khessman says:

    Happy Anniversary! Love seeing your pictures as I’ve always wanted to visit Germany. You and your husband look like such a wonderful couple and I wish you an amazing vacation! Kat

  3. Betty says:

    Congratulations to you and your husband on your 1st Anniversary. Love all the pictures…Have a great holiday……

  4. Beautiful pictures! Happy Anniversary!

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