Christmas in Berlin

We love spending our Christmas in Berlin and creating our won traditions as a family so this post is mostly for our families back in the UK that I know pop in from time to time to see what we are getting up too. We had a brilliant Christmas period with our friends and I wanted to share a few of those moments with you!

The best thing about Christmas in Berlin, German Christmas Markets, we must have visited one at least every weekend in December!

xmas markets

I also love decorating the house, for the first time this year we got a big tree and new decorations to boot

xmas tree

This winter has been pretty mild (not anymore) but up until Christmas is was, which gave us the perfect excuse to go and explore the centre of Berlin on Christmas Eve (minus tourists)

xmas eve walk

Our Christmas Eve walk was followed by our Pizza and Home Alone tradition before bed

xmas eve pizza

When we get up on Christmas morning, the first thing we do is get the turkey in the oven, this was our 4 year at a turkey(well mostly my husband) and it is definitely getting better and better

turkey prep

Then we open our gifts, turtle included of course

opening presents

Before getting ready for friends to arrive for lunch

ready for xmas day

This year we did a second Christmas on Boxing Day, which involved this little nuggets first Christmas


Followed by another roast dinner

xmas number 2

Then a Christmas Tree Pavlova!

xmas treet pavlova

As you can see the two most important things about our Christmas in Berlin are food and friends, which I do not think is so bad at all!

I hope you all had a lovely festive season too!


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  1. SweetVeg says:

    I visited Berlin in December to see the Christmas markets, they were fantastic! I recognise the one in the photo at the top of your post! x

    1. They are definitely worth the trip!

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