Meeting my Godson – Trip to the UK

Last weekend we traveled back to the UK to catch up with friends and family as well as introducing them to ‘bump’ but most importantly I got to meet my Godson for the first time. I thought I would share a few of my favourite snaps from the trip with you:

As we do almost every time, our trip started with a catch up lunch with my best friend and her beautiful little ones, this turned into chaos when they decided that the stickers should no longer go into the book but onto David… I think he secretly liked it!


The next few days involved seeing some of our family, including a birthday meal for my sister-in-law and then the much anticipated meeting of Toby


We were lucky enough to also be there for Nathan’s (Toby’s Dad) birthday so went out for lunch in the New Forest and got some lovely snaps in Lyndhurst


As well as the chaos of fitting in seeing everyone we wanted in just 5 days we also got a little alone time and did some shopping for the bump too


And finally, before heading home we got in some last minute time with Toby as I sadly do not know when the next time I get to see him is!


As always our time was too short, it never seems to matter how long we visit, we never fit it all in and this time we do not know when our next trip will be. But I love seeing all of our friends and family and although Berlin is our home now, we miss them all a lot!


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