Baking Gifts to Try!

I have so many Baking Gifts to Try from my birthday at the end of November and Christmas, but I feel like with the amount of baking I did at Christmas time my blog has fallen behind as I do not have time to write and share everything as it happens. I am slowly catching up and wanted to share with you what I was lucky to receive as gifts and will be trying out very soon:

Cake Pop Mold, Sticks and Stand


Dough Cutter – This one has actually been used for our Christmas Eve pizzas and will save me getting very sticky knives in future!


Macron Silicone Baking Tray – Maybe with this I might have more success than my first attempt, they were just so bad I have to find the courage to try again!


Paul Hollywood 100 Great Breads Recipe Book – I love making bread/dough so I am looking forward to trying a few new recipes from this book!


I think I am an easy person to buy gifts for and that is why every year I end up with Baking Gifts to Try Out at home, not that I am ever complaining as they give me hours of fun and inspiration for my next bake, so watch this space as I will be sharing my attempts with you!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks like some awesome stuff, I really want the cake pops!

  2. Kelly Landis says:

    The macron tray sounds fun! Hopefully you’re next batch comes out better!

    1. I hope so too, will be sure to keep you posted!

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