No Bake Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Recipe

This weekend we had friends over for dinner and as usual I like to make something delicious for dessert, for some reason a cheesecake sounded nice so I decided I would try a new flavour, so this week I made No Bake Chocolate Orange Cheesecake and here is my recipe:


  • 400g of Chocolate Digestives
  • 75g of Butter
  • 600g of Cream Cheese (use full fat)
  • 4 Heaped Tbsp of Icing Sugar
  • 300g of Milk Chocolate
  • Zest of 1 Orange
  • Juice of 1/2 Orange
No Bake Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Recipe
No Bake Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Recipe




  1. Ground the chocolate digestives until fine
  2. Melt the butter and allow to cool slightly
  3. Mix the butter and ground biscuits into a bowl and squeeze together with the back of a wooden spoon
  4. Tip into your greased spring form tin (mine is 26cm but slightly bigger or smaller is OK too)
  5. Push down gently in a flat even surface
  6. Mix the cream cheese and icing sugar together gently (this does not take long)
  7. Melt the milk chocolate in a glass bowl over boiling water
  8. Add the cream cheese dollop by dollop into the chocolate, continually stirring until you get an evenly coloured mixture
  9. Poor on top of the biscuit base then smooth and flatten
  10. Chill for 1 hour at least before serving

Note: To serve, I run a sharp knife under hot water before using to loosen from the edges of the tin

This No Bake Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Recipe is my best yet, not to blow my own trumpet, but one, I made it up as I went along and two it was light and fluffy and yummy so basically, yeah, I am saying I am awesome!

I recommend making it so you can see for yourself!


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  1. I love cheesecake and this sounds easy enough for me to try. Probably next week now as we’re away at the weekend but I shall keep you posted on the outcome. Thanks

    1. I would love to hear how it goes!

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