White Chocolate Easter Nests

Whilst I was making the milk chocolate version of these, I noticed some leftover white chocolate in the cupboard and thought as I was in the flow, I should make a few more, so my second Easter themed recipe is White Chocolate Easter Nests and here is how I did it:


  • 100g of White Chocolate
  • 100g of Cornflakes
  • Mini Eggs (I used 2 per nest)
White Chocolate Easter Nests
White Chocolate Easter Nests


  1. Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water
  2. Once melted take off the heat but leave the bowl over the pan
  3. Then gradually add your cornflakes whilst stirring to make sure they all get covered in chocolate
  4. Spoon out evenly into your cupcake cases before adding the mini eggs to decorate
  5. Pop into the fridge for an hour before enjoying

Again, these White Chocolate Easter Nests are so easy to make but so much fun and who doesn’t love them? We are fans of white chocolate in this house so these went down very well!

I love Easter time and the baking that comes with it, so look out for the rest of my recipes over the next few days!


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