Update: Where Have I Been?

Good Evening Everyone,

I finally have half an hour to sit down and give my little blog a bit of well needed TLC so I have been faffing and procasinating, changing pictures, you know all the important stuff!

But I also wanted to hop on and say Hello to you all! The biggest update is that Tabitha has now turned one, like seriously, where did the past year go? Just like that, my baby is grown, learning to walk and talk and I finally have the odd moment to myself and can spend a bit of time doing what I want (which has mostly been watching TV but now I have done that, I am here).

You may have noticed that I have put up some back-dated posts, this is because I wanted to keep them on the correct dates so I can look back at the milestones for years to come. However, despite my blogging absence I have been planning and plotting and making notes so I already have a good 4 or 5 things to share with you all. I am putting it out there so I cannot make excuses anymore, I love blogging and I am going to keep it up. That is my mid year resolution!

That´s all I stopped by to say really at this point, if you want to keep up to date with all things Chantelle (and Tabitha) the best place to follow me is Instagram, I post a few times a day and use it as a mini-blog/diary so top by and follow me, if not then I shall see you back here for my next post!

Chantelle x


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