What Tabitha Eats in a Day

In a previous life this blog used to be dominated by food, these days, I still spend a lot, if not even more time in the kitchen, it is just sadly that my makes are not quite as exciting. I have been sharing and will continue to share my baby led weaning recipes, but now Tabitha has hit the 1 year milestone, she eats a lot of what we do. It has actually helped me to cook, not only for us, but also relatively healthy choices so that we can sit down as a family and eat together. So for a little bit of inspiration for those of you that are lacking in ideas (like I sometimes was a few months ago) or if you are just nosey, here is what a typical day in the belly of Tabitha (and myself) looks like:


Toast, Baby Cereal and Apricot


Sweetcorn, Cucumber and Pasta with Cheese


Pasta, Brocolli and Bolognese with Cheese


For snacks she has more fruit, so apple slices, apricots or bananas. She also loves rice cakes or vegetable/fruit puffs and has recently started having yoghurts and is working on her spoon skills!

I would also love to hear in the comments what you and your little ones eat as I am always looking for meal inspiration, I am one of those people that gets stuck on a cycle of meals so we often eat the same thing every 6-7 days!

Chantelle x


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  1. I’ve been trying out a few recipes that I’ll be putting on my blog soon: cheesy flapjacks, porridge fingers and drop scones. As my little girl is younger than Tabitha, she’s not quite ready for certain things (or I’m not ready for the mess!!) but the scones and porridge fingers are a good alternative to toast for breakfast 😄

    1. I look forward to them, because I am rubbsih with breakfast, we are not morning people!

      1. I’ve got them drafted so just need to find a moment to type them up, I’m aiming for at least one this week though 😀

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