What Tabitha Eats in a Day

As Tabitha does not eat the same thing everyday (obviously, I hope), I thought I would keep putting these posts up as inspiration or just as a food diary for her and our baby led weaning journey. She is not a fussy baby and will luckily try anything I put infront of her, she has her favourites for sure. Generally, she now eats what we eat so I only have to make one thing at each mealtime, and it also helps to make us eat that little bit better, so I can give it to her as well. Her is another day in the life of Tabitha’s trusty Nuby plate (which I highly recommend by the way)!


Dates in Coconut, Dried Apricots and Baby Cereal


Toast with Butter, Cheese, Peach and Kiwi


Chicken in Sweet and Sour Sauce with Sticky Rice

And that is it really, do you like these posts? Should I keep posting them from time to time, let me know in the comments below!

PS. The baby cereal is from a company called Frech Freunde, I suppose the German equivilant of Ellas Kitchen, you can check out their website here

Chantelle x


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m loving the blw inspiration! Do you let Tabitha eat the rice etc with her fingers? Does it get really messy? That’s the bit I’m dreading so have been sticking with larger stuff so far!

    1. She does, we have started giving her a spoon but she usually uses it as a weapon or just throws it! It is pretty messy, it used to take ages to clean up but now we have it well skilled! I do go through a lot of kitchen roll!

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