What Tabitha Eats in a Day

Todays edition of What Tabitha East in a Day has no lunch! This is not because she doesn’t eat lunch (mostly) but normally we get up, have breakfast, get ready and go out and then usually spend all day out until we come home for dinner, on these days lunch can vary massively, from a bread roll or pretzel with cut up apple, baby snacks (you know the lazy ones we buy) to mouthfuls of my stir fry in the restaurant. I think baby led weaning allows you to be flexible which is what I love about it the most! So here are a few more breakfast and dinner ideas!


Apricot Slices with Baby Cereal and Milk


Spaghetti Bolognese with Pasta and Topped with Cheese
Chilli with Rice

As before, these meals are just what I make for all of us but I tone down the spices and add lots more vegetables into it so that she can eat it too (and its better for us!).

What do you feed your babies when you are out and about for the day and don`t make me feel too bad by telling me you always prepare things in advance ok?

Chantelle x


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