What Tabitha Eats in a Day

So, here we are again, I’m sharing more of the things that have graced my daughter’s plate, are you bored yet? As no one has told me to shut up, I’m still going!


Baby Cereal and Kiwi


Pitta Bread with Cream Cheese and Cucumber Sticks


Sticky Chicken, Red Peppers and Rice

As always this is a random selection, generally she eats what we eat. I often get told that people are impressed by how well Tabitha eats and the selection of food that she eats. I put this 100% down to weaning at 6 months and immediately using the baby led weaning method (I’m not poopooing any other methods, just identifying what worked for us)!Ā  But if you are currently deciding on what route to go down, it’s a BLW thumbs up from me!

I also want to add, as I am growing increasingly aware of the issue with social media not representing all aspects of parenting and I like to keep it real, sometimes we get takeaway and sometimes Tabitha has some too (and that’s ok)!

If you have any questions about baby led weaning, or the food I give Tabitha leave a comment below.

Chantelle x