Our Trip to Japan – May 2017

It seems that this little blog of mine is always playing catch, I would love to blog in ‘real-time’ as such but along with a whole host of other things (including a clean flat), I am getting used to it not being possible since having Tabitha! What is important to me is that I make sure I share all of the wonderful experiences we have had over the past year, especially whilst the blog was a little quiet so that the memories are captured online for both our friends and family and also for ourselves.
One of the most amazing things we have been able to do with Tabitha in the past year is visit Japan, David has been before but it was a new experience for me and Tabitha alike. Whilst daunted by the 11 hour flight with an 11 month, the opportunity could not be missed and as it turns out, she was an absolute dream the whole journey.
David’s oldest friend (and best man at our wedding) lives in Japan with his wife and little boy who is just 6 weeks younger than Tabitha, this is where we stayed for the bulk of our trip, seeing where they live as well as a few days trips nearby. Then we spent the final few days in Tokyo because we couldn’t not right?
I thought I would just share some pictures and summary of what we did each day.
Day 1 – We arrived at Tokyo, ready to meet our friend and travel to theirs
Day 2 – We visited an Udon Noodle Restaurant and did some shopping for the babies
Day 3 – Unfortunately I was unwell but David and Tabitha went for a walk and we went out for dinner
Day 4 – I was still unwell (how annoying) but we did get some pictures of Tabitha as she turned 11 months whilst we were there!
Day 5 – As I was feeling better and it was a holiday weekend in Japan we went to a beautiful forest shopping centre in the mountains
Day 6 – We went for a walk around Lake Suwa and visited a Sushi restaurant, Tabitha tried her first sushi (no raw fish)!
Day 7 – We visited Nagano City and Buddhist temple
Day 8 – A day trip to Matsumoto Castle for our last day with our friends
Day 9 – We travelled to Tokyo, got checked into our hotel and explored the local area for the afternoon
Day 10 – A busy day in Tokyo, visiting Shinjuku gyoen, Harajuku, the Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi park and finally Shibuyu
Day 11 – Another busy day, today included theTokyo TV tower,  the Imperial Gardens, Akihabra and the Ueno hard rock cafe for dinner before back to the hotel to pack
Day 12 – we had to leave really early to begin the long journey home
We had the best time, even looking back on these pictures from May has got me feeling nostalgic, it was a trip filled with laughter, sightseeing, yummy food and watching our baby blossom. I wish I could do it all again, I didn’t even mind the long haul flight this time!
I definitely wish I had taken more pictures of the gorgeous food we ate including the extra special chocolate and sweet treats, which we brought a lot of back, so I’m basically just too greedy to be a good food blogger!
Next up I have a guest post for foodies, featuring Tokyo and I can vouch on the need to visit Japan for the amazing food alone.
Have you been to Japan? What is your favourite Japanese food? I would love to hear your experiences too.
Chantelle X

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