Wooden Toys

The immature child in me really really wanted to make a dirty pun, but frankly that seems inappropriate when I am writing about children’s toys!
As with clothes I have become obsessed with buying handmade toys from Instagram shops, in particular wooden toys. So I thought it was only right to share a few of my favourites with you too.
Original and beautiful hand painted nursery decor and toys
Individually handpainted wooden peg dolls and decor
Uniquely handmade home and childrens decor, with custom requests always welcome
Online and physical shop, with simple and timeless designs for kids
There are two things that I particularly love about wooden toys, one is that they stand the test of time, Tabitha certainly tests the durability of toys (I call it abuse)  all of these toys have been thoroughly chewed, thrown and bashed repeatedly on the ground (or on my dining room table which  hasn’t faired so well) and have not suffered the fate of the bin like lots of her plastic toys!
The second is that each of these toys have been ordered with personalisation so that they can perfectly coordinate in her nursery, for me, it doesn’t really get better than that.
I have added links to all of these shops, please let me know if you have purchased anything from any of them. And please also share your favourite shops with me, I’m always on the lookout for small, handmade shops I haven’t come across before.
Chantelle X

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