St Nikolaus Day

Happy St Nikolaus Day to my wonderful followers! This is a day that we have started celebrating on a small scale as we have now been in Germany for almost 7 years and it only feels right to take on some native traditions, especially ones that involve chocolate!
St Nikolaus Day is celebrated throughout Europe with slightly different traditions, however in Northern-Germany, those traditions involve leaving a shoe out on the eve of the 5th and if you have been good it will be filled with sweets and of you have been bad you will only get a stick!
We celebrate by giving each other chocolate, last year I hid it in our shoes for some authenticity! It is something I definitely want to incorporate into Tabithas christmas traditions as she gets older and remembers more as she was born here in Germany after all so I think she needs a little of that in her Christmas festivities!
Have you heard of St Nikolaus? What alternative traditions do you have at this time of year? I would love to hear in the comments.
Chantelle x

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