Christmas Traditions

Living abroad and having a lot of expat friends from all over the world, it fascinates me to hear about everyone’s Christmas traditions. Especially how people have incorporated different cultures together based on their nationality or the countries they have lived in, or even just their own little traditions from their parents and grandparents.

I thought I would share a few of the traditions that we have developed as a family with you.
Last year we went back to England for Christmas for the first time since 2011. We made sure to include the traditions we have developed as much as we could whilst not being at home.
Everything in Germany shuts early on Christmas Eve, they have Christmas dinner on the 24th. We use this time to prepare for our Christmas dinner on the 25th and also make homemade pizzas and watch the home alone movies, we also exchange new pyjamas before bed so we are looking cute when we wake up on Christmas morning. On the 25th we stick to the traditional Christmas day, whether it’s the 2 of us or shared with friends who come over.
On Christmas eve last year we went to see Father Christmas as we now have Tabitha and had takeaway pizzas and will do the same this year as well as we are in England again. We will then have dinner with family on the 25th.
On the Festive Express to see Father Christmas
I hope that as Tabitha grows we can continue to create family traditions and memories that she will treasure forever and hopefully want to continue as well.
What are you Christmas traditions? Do you have any unique ones? I would love for you to share them with me in the comments.
Chantelle x

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