Want, Need, Wear, Read

I once read that the best way to buy presents for babies/toddlers is on a want/need/wear/read basis. I really liked this idea and we have followed this principle for tabitha so far (last Christmas and her birthday).
I love what we have picked as her christmas presents this year and I wanted to share them with you too:
Want – a handmade doll
Need – a backpack
Wear – Christmas day outfit (she will be twinning with her dad)
Read – that’s not my snowman
Unfortunately I do not remember where I read about this method of present buying, it seems to have been lost in the plethora of baby blogs I read before Tabithas arrival, you know when I actually had time to read! I have really enjoyed following this idea as it helps you not to get carried away with present buying as is so easy as this time of year. In reality, she wants for nothing as new stuff is bought all year round, whether it’s clothes as she grows or toys as her development changes.
Again, as with all of my shopping I have bought from small, independent businesses as much as I could as well as personalied items as I feel that it makes her gifts even more special.
As she gets older we intend to continue this idea and hope that it will make her ask for gifts she really wants/needs/wear/reads (I am fully aware she will list at least 10 things in each category)!
How do you choose gifts for your little ones at Christmas? What was your favourite gift you gave this year?
Chantelle x

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