Happy New Year

Welcome 2018 , how come the years seem to go so quickly when a day with a tantrumming toddler go so slow?

I thought I would kick 2018 off with my New Year’s Resolutions, especially as number 1 on my list is to dedicate a little more time to my blog. It is just a hobby for me and it’s not like my musings will ever change the world but it is something that I enjoy which means that it is something that I should continue to pursue for myself. So watch this space and see how long it lasts…

Number 2 is to read more, basically the same as my blog, I love to read so less Netflix and more books for me.
Number 3 is something I started to try and do already but I would like to up my game a bit this year. Shopping better, by this I mean I want to buy less but buy better. Essentially quality over quantity with a little, do we really need it thrown in!
Finally Number 4 is to have more patience. I haven’t found my path into motherhood as easy as I thought I would. I thought my patience would grow, which it has a little but not as much as I would have liked it to or as much as my husband and my daughter deserve. So in the same of self love, self care and self improvement it it something I fully intend on work on this year.
What are your new year’s resolutions, anyone quitting smoking for the tenth time? Let me know in the comments.
Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018
Chantelle x

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