Tabithas Christmas Wardrobe

As you all know I am pretty much obsessed with baby clothes for Tabitha, it’s actually almost a sickness at this point.

Christmas was no different and she had 3 (yes 3, oops) outfits specifically for Christmas, I might be bias as I picked them but I am sure they were super cute, so now we are back from our Christmas holiday I thought I would share them with you.
Outfit 1
Top – C&A, Bloomers and Bow – Bisoux Chaton
Outfit 2
Outfit 3
Top was handmade by a friend, Leggings – Little Bear Clothing Co
I am proud to say that the majority was bought from small independent shops and we got a lot of compliments on her just being adorable (which of course she is). I have linked everything above if you would like to check out any of the shops and I will put some discount codes down below.
AriadnesGoldenThreads – TABSTHREADS
Chantelle x

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