Decorating Biscuits

So this weeks acitivity was not so much baking, it could have been if I could have been bothered to bake the biscuits I suppose but I decided to take the easy option. This is something I actually remember doing when I was little too (on Rich Tea Biscuits) so I like the idea of continuing the tradition with Tabitha.

All you need is some plain flat biscuits, if you are in the UK Rich Tea are perfect for this, the biscuits we used were basically the same and a pack of tube icing.

Then you can just start decorating however you like, or if you are Tabitha, you can boss Mumma around whilst eating them!

And our final product:

So if you are looking for a quick to set up, fun, simple and not too messy (also yummy) activity to do with your toddler than I cannot recommend this more. We will definitely be doing it again soon.

As always I am looking for more ideas for activities for Tabitha and I so please let me know your faves in the comments below!

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Chantelle x


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